South Fremantle Senior High School


Technologies enrich and impact on the lives of people, cultures and societies globally. We depend upon technologies for food and fibre production, communication, construction, energy and water management, health and wellbeing, knowledge creation, information management, manufacturing and transportation.

Information and communication technologies have increased the pace of change and transformed learning, recreational activities, home life and work. The now ubiquitous nature of digital technologies resulting from digitisation, the miniaturisation and embedding of microelectronics into a range of products, and wireless networking means that students of all ages and abilities expect to be able to play, learn and study anytime and anywhere.

Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the discriminating, ethical, innovative, creative and enterprising use of a range of technologies. They learn to create, design, develop and produce innovative, sustainable technological solutions. They play, learn, create and produce using a range of materials, data, systems, tools and equipment throughout their years of schooling.


Nuts & Bolts

Middle School

(Years 7-10)

TECHNOLOGIES Students apply knowledge, skills, experience and resources to the development of technological solutions that are designed to meet the changing needs of individuals, societies and environments.

  • T&E Courses available in 2013: Design & Technology, Home Economics
  • Compulsory in years 7-8; Elective in years 9-10 (D&T: Woodwork, Certificate in Engineering; T&E: Cooking, Textiles, Child Development)

Senior School

(Years 11-12)

WACE Course: FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – Students develop and apply enterprising and innovative ideas to food production, focussing on particular contexts.

  • Stage 1 prerequisites – NIL  (non-ATAR)
WACE Course: CHILDREN, FAMILY & THE COMMUNITY – Students examine the factors that impact on the ability of individuals and families to develop independent living skills and to care for others thereby developing an understanding of a diverse, inclusive Australian society that provides the foundation for a cohesive community.

  • Stage 1 pre-requisites – NIL (non-ATAR)
WACE Course: MATERIALS, DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY – Students work with wood or metal in the design and manufacture of products. They research, test materials, apply management skills in planning and process control, at the same time as they manipulate tools and machines to produce high-quality products.

  • Stage 1 prerequisites – NIL  (non-ATAR)
  • 2 contexts offered: Metal and/or Wood.
VET Qualification: CERTIFICATE II IN ENGINEERING – This qualification is designed to meet the training and skills recognition needs of the Australian engineering & maritime industries and provides access to the apprenticeship streams provided by the National Metal and Engineering Industry Competency Standards.


TAFE, Work, Other