South Fremantle Senior High School

Teaching & Learning

At South Fremantle SHS our number one priority is ‘teaching and learning’. We place a high value on maximising student engagement and celebrating achievements.  Our students enjoy the unique benefits of esteemed educators and industry experts who lead them in a range of areas. Enterprising programs promote active research and development, providing relevant and exciting learning experiences across a range of school contexts.


Guided by the principles of the Curriculum Framework and the Australian Curriculum, all our curriculum is rigorously mapped across middle and senior school. We strive to deliver quality, innovative learning programs, informed by best practice, which cater to the needs and aspirations of middle and senior school students.

Curriculum delivery at South Fremantle SHS that integrates technology into all learning areas and infuses all curriculum with the school’s Sustainable Living program. Co-curriculum provides many cross-curricular activities that bring class room learning to life and anchor it in real life. Combined with strong teaching by experienced, committed teachers students at South Fremantle SHS want for little.


South Fremantle SHS maintains a clear focus on high standards of student achievement. Our comprehensive assessment and reporting procedures help to guide each student to choose courses that will give them the best chance of success.

Like all Australian schools we undertake national and statewide testing and apply evidence-based approaches to provide valuable information so teachers can plan effectively, set targets and support good collaborative decision making. This information informed decisions about curriculum delivery and assessment.

All students are provided with course outlines that provide key information about their curriculum: Content to be covered, assessment items (and weight) and a schedule that includes homework to be completed.

Please read South Fremantle Senior High School’s Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Plan 2016.

Pathways for the future

Students begin in middle school when they enter South Fremantle SHS. This phase covers years 7-10, is where transition to high school happens and is where the foundations for senior school pathways are established. They are important years as students develop the skills and understandings necessary to succeed in senior school.

In years 11-12 students enter their final phase of schooling: the senor school. They are leaders and role models in the school, readying themselves for entry into adult society. They have access to innovative and flexible pathways for learning which provide access to universities via ATAR pathways, to TAFE via VET/ATAR pathways or to apprenticeships or work via VET pathways.

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Learning Resources


School library

The school Resource houses the library, 2 computer labs, a seminar room and the school’s ICT centre. It supports literacy programs, supports staff with curriculum resourcing and provides assistance to students. Enrolled students have borrowing rights and can access ICT during recess and lunch breaks.

The school’s ATAR MacBook program is managed by the Resource Centre. Every senior school ATAR student is issued with a MacBook for the duration of their senior school years. The resource centre has 2 computer labs available for classes to book into. In addition there are another 4 labs located around the school with a number of additional room containing half labs. The school more than meets the 1:1 ratio set by the federal government.