South Fremantle Senior High School

Student Services Team

Student Services

The primary role of the Student Services Manager and team is to be the first port of call for any student in need and to support positive, healthy relationships throughout the school community. Our Student Services team provides individual support to all students regardless of the need or risk they present and is completely focused upon the wellbeing of each individual. The Student Services Manager is also the primary liaison with students’ families and carers.

Lead by the manager the Student Services team includes year coordinators, school psychologist, chaplain, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer and school nurse. This team runs a variety of initiatives and programs that provide advocacy and support for students as they progress through their schooling.

Where necessary, access to internal and external support services, with government and other agencies can be arranged to support the overall care of the child.

In concert with families, other staff and the Deputy Principals, individualised pastoral and education plans are developed where needed.


The Student Services Team is concerned with the management of all attendance related issues including coordinating responses and follow-up messages received. Students are offered support with attendance issues, as are parents, and where necessary referrals are provided to internal agencies.

Pastoral Care

In addition to the overarching pastoral role of students services, each year cohort are assigned year coordinators. These coordinators provide direct pastoral support for the students in their care and run a variety of programs across the year that focus on well-being and achievement. These include camps, excursions, rewards programs and year assemblies.

The student services team is involved in a number of mentoring programs with external agencies such as the YMCA big brother/big sister program and also runs a free breakfast program supported by Foodbank.

Learning Support

A core role of Student Services is the management of student wellbeing for academic performance, based on identified needs.

We have a learning support coordinator who implements parent liaison, close management of educational assistants schedules, alternative timetables and all students’ individual learning and education plans.

The learning support coordinator also oversees the school volunteer program that provides pastoral and academic support to students in need by way of one to one mentoring by local retirees.

Student Services runs a variety of initiatives aimed at developing important life skills and supporting our students in their academic endeavours. These include year 8 Life Skills program, Go Girls program, Respectful Relationships Program and others as needs arise.

Student Counselling Services

The school offers visiting psychologists for three days per week who are available to students upon referral from Student Services and staff.

We also have a valuable partnership with Youth Focus through which students can access free counselling during school time at school, up to two days per week.

Chaplaincy Program

Our school Chaplain supports the wellbeing and welfare of all students and staff at South Fremantle SHS and is available three days a week. The Chaplain is also instrumental in the Foodbank free breakfast program available to any student at the school. The Chaplain has a visible presence amongst the students at recess and lunchtime sport, during recreational activities and in classes where needed and assumes a valuable mentoring role on camps and excursions.

It is not compulsory for any student to participate in activities or receive services from a Program school chaplain/student welfare worker. A consent form is included in the enrolment package for new students.


This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

Online complaints can be lodged here.


The school nurse is responsible for the development of individual medical plans for students and the professional development of staff in relation to student medical issues. Students can visit the school nurse for support, advice or referral for many adolescent health issues.

As well, the nurse is actively involved in health promotion and well-being programs within the school and is available to provide parents with information about health, development or other child or family health-related issues.

Enquires for school health services can be made through Student Services.