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Programs like [this] show how talented our children are…. With songwriting, producing … all the way to performing and with the use of computers, I know my child absolutely enjoyed it! What a wonderful opportunity to participate.

Parent, September 2011

Since 1984 South Fremantle Senior High School’s Approved Specialist Music Program has inspired, enthused and instructed young people in the joys of music in all its forms.

MusicWe offer a dynamic, enriched curriculum that anchors theory in practice and extends students in an environment that develops and nurtures the students’ creative potential through the writing, arranging, recording and performing of their original compositions.

Students enjoy access to weekly instrumental lessons, class music lessons, bands and ensembles and digital recording facilities, all in the state of the art, purpose built Calvert Music Centre. Regular workshops with a variety of professional musicians are provided as part of their curriculum as are opportunities through local community Music/Arts organisations and venues.

MusicThese real and rich experiences are extended into our local and broader community through regular performances, camps and tours. Always fun, they also provide rich cultural and musical opportunities.
Specialist Music is a program rich in opportunity providing students with opportunities to grow musically and personally in an environment that understands and supports musical creativity.

Top Facilities

MusicThe music centre, a purpose built facility opened in 2006, is a haven for Music students who can often be found there during breaks playing together. The music centre provides the following (see

  • Music Auditorium & rehearsal space – 150 seat capacity with concert grand piano
  • Teaching Studios – 5 tuition/practice rooms each with upright piano, drum kit and small PA
  • Percussion room with drum kit, xylophone, glockenspiels, timpanis and assorted small percussion
  • 2 teaching spaces: a seminar room & networked keyboard lab – with integrated MIDI keyboard controllers, audio production software and music notation software
  • Integrated digital recording Facilities – teaching studios and auditorium are video and audio linked to recording control room

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite skills, qualifications, experience, health requirements

  • Primary SIM program or 1-2 years of instrumental lessons (reading and playing)
  • Demonstrated commitment to learning and playing music alone and with other people
  • Demonstrated history of independent practice/self discipline

Application Process

test, audition, interview, report/s, transition, induction

  • Application for Admission
  • Audition/Workshop
  • Interview
  • Documentation provided at interview: most recent school report, most recent SIM or private instrumental teacher report, other relevant supporting evidence (e.g. music exam results, prizes, recordings)

Learning Area/s

For administration of program

The Arts and Technologies

Core Curriculum

Timetabled curriculum

  • Middle School: Class Music + Technologies
  • Senior School Certificate III in Music (pathway into WAAPA, TAFE, portfolio entry into university courses)


Off-grid/after hours/enrichment

  • Weekly instrumental lesson/s,
  • Year bands/ensembles
  • Larger bands (by invitation)
  • Endorsed programs
  • Regular artist in residence workshops, community performances, tours & camps

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Have a look at our ‘in-house’ music-web. We use it to communicate with our students and families about music events and activities.