South Fremantle Senior High School


MarineIn the Approved Specialist Marine Program students are offered a unique ‘Marine themed’ Science program connected to the Marine Physical Education course. Through this arrangement students are extended and enriched in practical areas that include snorkeling, diving, SCUBA diving, Oceanography, Boating Basics, Ocean Ecology, Coastal Studies & Sustainability Issues.

The Middle School Course includes Endorsed Program qualifications such as the Snorkeling Proficiency certificate, the Skin Diver PADI Award, the Open Water SCUBA qualification and, included in the year 10 elective unit, Advanced Marine, a Recreational Skippers Certificate(RST). Strong links to Fremantle Ports, the SCUBA Schools International (SSI), Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), Australasian Maritime Association (AMA), Curtin University Sustainability Project (CUSP), TAFE WA, the philanthropic conservation organisation, HOTROCK, as well as the CSIRO and UWA extend and enrich opportunities and learning for our Specialist Marine Students.

MarineSpecialist Marine students have a modified Science program in which the major science concepts of Life and Living, Energy and Change, Natural and Processed Materials and Earth and Beyond are taught in a marine context within the Australian Curriculum. Science content is directly linked to the practical components of the marine program for each year. As part of their theory work in Advanced Science, Specialist Marine students undertake investigations with Fremantle Maritime Museum and participate in extension camps at Point Peron (yr 8), Rottnest Island (yr 9) and Coral Bay near Exmouth (yr 10).

Marine The middle school program pathways directly into Senior School through the Marine & Maritime Studies Course of Study. Integrated into this course are National Powerboat Handling Scheme (NPHS), a ‘Sea Trek’ aquaculture, Maritime Archaeology, Oceanography, Systemic Fisheries Studies, Marine Science, an advanced Open Water SCUBA qualification and Navigation & Marine Radio Operations & Regulations. This is a high level entry course for university.


Nuts & Bolts

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite skills, qualifications, experience, health requirements

  • Strong literacy and numeracy
  • Competent swimmer
  • No physical impairment to prevent swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving

Application Process

test, audition, interview, report/s, transition, induction

  • Application for Admission
  • Academic Testing
  • Interview
  • Documentation provided at interview: most recent school report, evidence of swimming competency, other relevant documents (e.g. relevant Marine references, evidence of experience/knowledge)

Learning Area/s

For administration of program

Science and Health & Physical Education

Core Curriculum

Timetabled curriculum

  • Middle School: Science + Marine PE
  • Senior School ATAR pathway: Marine & Maritime Studies WACE Course
  • Senior School VET pathway: Certificate II in Engineering (Maritime Industries focus)


off-grid/after hours/enrichment

  • Pt Peron Camp (yr 8)
  • Rottnest Camp (yr 9)
  • Coral Bay Camp (yr 10)
  • Pool Snorkelling
  • Basic First Aid
  • Coastal Studies/Ocean Health field work

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