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Specialist Programs

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude that [student’s name] has had the opportunity to participate in the Marine program… The last 5 years have been an exciting and rewarding time for [student name], with many opportunities including camps every year, the completion of a scuba diving course, sailing and boat handling courses, attainment of a skipper’s ticket and archaeology courses… I believe that the fact that this program is available for students to participate in from year 8 right through to year 12 is fantastic.

Parent, September 2011

Specialist ProgramWe currently offer entrance to three Approved Specialist Programs in Baseball, Marine Studies and Music all of which undergo a rigorous external Quality Assurance Process to be re-accredited by the Department of Education. These programs are select entry and students can apply from anywhere in WA. The students in these programs learn in outstanding facilities with experienced, passionately committed teachers.

General Information

Application Process

The selection process varies slightly depending on the program you wish to apply for but all admissions involve provision of relevant documents, a test/audition and an interview.








  • Application for Admission
  • Workshops/Tryouts
  • Interview
  • Documentation provided at interview: most recent school report, evidence of relevant club based involvement, other relevant documents (e.g. coach reference)
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Marine Studies








  • Application for Admission
  • Academic Testing
  • Interview
  • Documentation provided at interview: most recent school report, evidence of swimming competency, other relevant documents (e.g. relevant Marine references, evidence of experience/knowledge)
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  • Application for Admission
  • Audition/Workshop
  • Interview
  • Documentation provided at interview: most recent school report, most recent SIM or private instrumental teacher report, other relevant supporting evidence (e.g. music exam results, prizes, recordings)
  • Download Brochure

Good Standing

The maintenance of good standing is a requirement of anyone enrolled in a Specialist Program. Broadly speaking this concerns 2 categories: maintenance of Academic Performance and Conduct. Academic good standing is determined by a minimum C grade in all enrolled classes; and good standing relating to Conduct good standing is determined by compliance with the student code of conduct.


Student achievement is acknowledged by A.C.E. awards that acknowledge outstanding performance for the following:

  • Academic achievement – determined by the number of A and B grades earned by a student
  • Community connectedness – determined by evidence of the level of involvement in school and broader community activities relevant to the Specialist Program in which the student is enrolled
  • Ethics – determined by conduct of the student against ethical and values related criteria


A number of scholarships are available to students enrolled in Approved Specialist Programs. These are sponsored by generous community members and organisations and provide important support to selected students. Thanks must go to Hilton Park Bowling Club, a local club who generously provide support to Marine and Music students; also to Fremantle Port Authority who provide Marine scholarships for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Boarding Accommodation

For Specialist Program students from out of town boarding accommodation may be available at City Beach Residential College or at Rotary Residential College.