South Fremantle Senior High School

School profile

Opened in 1967, South Fremantle Senior High School has a history and values anchored in the rich marine and the artistically vibrant community of Fremantle.

Strong academic and vocational programs, as well as three long standing Approved Specialist Programs in Music, Marine Studies and Baseball provide our students with access to high quality learning in outstanding facilities, all richly supported by local industry.

The school remains inclusive, providing access to a first class education first for its local community as well as providing, via select entry, access to the specialist programs. Students from across Western Australia often apply for these programs.

As a small, caring school we are able to meet the needs of a wide range of students through our strong support services and through the integration of three foci into all curricula. These key points are:

  1. Engagement with the local community: students learn in, through and about their community
  2. The pursuit of excellence in all pathways: whether conventional academic, creative or vocation pathways students and staff strive for their best
  3. Respect and care for the wellbeing of all community members: We succeed together. Respect and care build a community founded on mutual success; that is, a sustainable future.

As part of the school’s commitment to sustainable futures the school provides an explicit focus on Sustainable Living. In September 2012, the Prime Minister, The Hon Julia Gillard celebrated with South Fremantle Senior High School as we were officially accredited as the First Carbon Neutral School in Australia. We are working to infuse all programs with aspects of our environmental work, assisting students to become active in caring for the planet’s future.

Attractive buildings are complemented by beautiful grounds and extensive facilities including the Calvert Music Centre which houses an auditorium, digital recording studio, computer laboratory and rehearsal rooms. Students also have access to a recreation centre, fully equipped weights room/gymnasium and an olympic size swimming pool. The Fremantle Maritime Industries Trade Training Centre located on the school site offers a pathway to Certificate III Mechanical engineering, Plant Operations with embedded maritime competencies. This brand new state-of-the-art industry facility will be open for from the beginning of 2013.