South Fremantle Senior High School

Leadership Team

South Fremantle’s leadership team is committed to providing students with world class learning opportunities. Recognising that deep life-long learning occurs when a student is fully connected to learning experiences the school’s leadership and staff are committed to delivering innovative, academically rigorous learning programs anchored in real life contexts wherever possible.

We expect our leaders at South to inspire, challenge, mentor and support others and to value the building of positive relationships and communication with staff and students alike. Adherence to rigorous and effective performance standards that encourage the setting and achievement of professional and personal goals by all teachers at the school is equally important.


Kylie Bottcher comes to South Fremantle in 2017 from Melville SHS where she has been relieving Principal whilst holding the position of Deputy Principal for the past four and a half years. Prior to this, she was Associate Principal at Belmont City College and Roleystone District High School.

Kylie has considerable experience in Student Services in a number of metropolitan and country high schools including Lockridge SHS, Gosnells SHS and Eastern Goldfields SHS. Kylie has a strong background in developing teaching and learning, leadership and students at educational risk.

Kylie believes that every student can progress in their learning and is passionate about delivering high quality public education. She believes in promoting initiatives that allow all students to achieve success and all staff having an understanding of what students already know and how to progress them to their next level of understanding.

In addition being appointed to South Fremantle for its 50th and final year, Kylie is the mother and step mother to four children (now 3 adults!) and two grandchildren.

Deputy Principal

Neil Freckelton, a former South Fremantle student, recognises that each year of high school are a period of concentrated transition for students, both for their personal development and their learning journey.

Neil manages their transition from primary to high school with a variety of initiatives designed to make this process seamless. Monitoring academic progress and working collaboratively with student services he ensures students are coping and preparing well for their senior school pathways.

Neil is supported by Ms Julie Miller, Senior School Manager (Years 11-12), Mr Dwayne White, Middle School Manager (Years 9-10), Mr Chris Witt, Lower School Manager (Years 7-8) and a VET Coordinator to ensure all students have access to the support and guidance they require.

Manager Corporate Services

Managing the day-to-day financial, physical and human resources aspects of the school’s operations and administering all school support activities, the Manager Corporate Services provides advice and consultancy to the development of school business and marketing plans and oversees the school’s financial performance against the plans.

The Manager Corporate Services provides advice on financial matters to ensure the school meets corporate business objectives and that District and Corporate reporting requirements are achieved.

Heads of Learning Areas

Heads of Learning Areas are responsible for the development and management of their curriculum areas. Along with the Principal, deputies, Manager of Student Services and the Business Manager they make up the school’s leadership team.

  • Humanities (English, Society & Environment, Indonesian): Ms Sharni Cooper-Angell
  • Mathematics: Mr David Stivey
  • English: Ms Kelly Crock
  • Science: Mr Graeme Offer
  • The Arts/Music: Mr Mike Gowland
  • Technologies: Ms Julie Duthie
  • Health & Physical Education: Ms Troy Kelly

School Board

The School Board oversees and reviews the management of the school, in particular the administration of policy, strategy and finances.

It meets twice per term and is composed of elected staff, student, parent and principal’s representatives.

Enquiries regarding the School Board should be directed to the Principal.