South Fremantle Senior High School


On campus facilities provide our students with access to very good, often industry standard facilities.

Calvert Music Centre

Calvert Music Centre Facilities

Calvert Music Centre Facilities

The music centre is used heavily through the week providing class music, instrumental lessons, band rehearsals and recording facilities for our secondary and local primary music students.

It provides the following facilities:

  • Music Auditorium – 150 seat capacity
  • Teaching Studios – individual/small group tuition, practice room
  • Seminar Room – meetings/workshops
  • Recording Facilities – studios/auditorium cabled to recording booth
  • Concert grand piano and upright pianos available
  • Foyer and terrace area, Kitchen Facilities, Universal Access


Gymnasium Facilities

Gymnasium Facilities

The gymnasium is used by the Specialist Baseball and Marine programs as well as in general PE classes.

Most commonly it is used by personal trainers and sporting clubs.

Equipment includes:

  • Bikes
  • Cross Trainers
  • Treadmills
  • Free Weights & Bench Weights

Olympic Pool

Olympic sized swimming pool

Olympic Pool

Our Olympic pool is used year round in the Specialist Marine program and seasonally during PE swimming classes. Main uses include:

  • local swim clubs
  • local sporting clubs
  • scuba/snorkelling classes
  • recreational use
  • personal fitness training

Main Hall

Main Hall Facilities

Main Hall Facilities

The main school hall where assemblies, dance & PE classes and professional training sessions are held.

It’s available for after hours hire. Main uses include:

  • dance classes
  • fitness training classes
  • badminton
  • events

Recreation Centre

Recreation Centre Facilities

Recreation Centre

The Recreation Centre is used by the Specialist Baseball and Marine programs as well as by general PE classes.

It is available to hire after hours. It is used most commonly by personal trainers, sporting and recreational clubs. Uses include:

  • social Indoor soccer
  • Basketball training and social playing
  • Social Badminton
  • Fitness training (usually hired by personal trainers)

Trade Training Centre

Trade Training Centre Facilities

Trade Training Centre Facilities

The Trade Training Centre goes into full time use in 2013. As a brand new centre all equipment is industry standard and new. Certificates in Engineering are available in this centre. See VET pathways.

  • 2 teaching rooms
  • machining room
  • indoor and outdoor general work areas
  • welding booths
  • 2 lecture/classroom spaces
  • 1 electrical room
  • a working boat motor under a mezzanine floor above with the capacity to become a wheelhouse


Following renovations to the school hall, the school canteen is once again operational from week 1 in Term 3. A new supplier, Illusions Catering, will be supplying a range of diverse and nutritious food and beverage items for sale during recess and lunch.

Canteen menu

Health Centre

South Fremantle SHS’s nurse is located in the Health Centre. The Health Centre is well located close to the front of the school and is a private place where students can visit the school nurse for support, advice or referral for many adolescent health issues.

It is also a useful resource for students, staff or parents needing particular health or medical information. Enquiries for school health services can be made through Student Services.

After hours community use of facilities

South Fremantle Senior High School prides itself on being actively connected to its community. As such school facilities are available for after hours use. Charges are nominal and recover cleaning and utility costs. Where there are surpluses benefits go directly into student programs.

School facilities available for hire:

  • Recreation Centre
  • Weights Rooms
  • Main Hall
  • Ovals (for organised events)

To enquire, contact the Manager Corporate Services on 9337 0500.