South Fremantle Senior High School


Our Vision

It is our desire to provide South Fremantle SHS students access to a world-class education that is, quite literally, individually and globally transformative. We hope and expect that our graduating students will use this education to contribute in ways that enrich and sustain their communities as well as themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide guidance, a compass, if you will, to help our students navigate their own futures. Implicit in this are the many historical partnerships and the rich opportunities available for students both within the school and the local community. Together we, as a community will help our young people to navigate a way through the many obstacles and challenges in life and through these experiences chart a successful course.

To this end, working in partnership with parents and students we will provide educational opportunities that target:

  • Achievement: at all times, academically, personally and professionally, in all our endeavours and interactions we will do our best in the pursuit of excellence
  • Community: we will actively, positively and generously engage individually, with one another, with our communities and with the world we all share
  • Ethics: Our conduct will be ethical, built on compassion, care, respect, tolerance and integrity at all times

Our Values

At South Fremantle SHS we are committed to a diverse and environmentally sustainable society.

We value:

  • Being caring and compassionate
  • Doing our best
  • Being honest and acting with integrity
  • Showing respect for ourselves, for others and for the environment
  • Being responsible for our own actions
  • Being fair, tolerant and inclusive

We believe that learning should:

  • Be guided by expectations and academic standards which make learning purposeful and effective
  • Inspire individual ownership and the achievement of personal goals
  • Challenge and support us to achieve our personal best and celebrate excellence
  • Develop positive relationships as a key to success
  • Be life-long, happening at different rates and in different ways

What We’re About

“Education must simultaneously provide maps of a complex world…..and the compass that will enable people to find their way in it…[It is] one of the principal means available to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development.” (Delors Report, Learning: the Treasure Within).

It’s a big statement; it’s a global statement, full of expectation and hope. At South we believe that education is transformative and we expect that all our graduating students will contribute in ways that enrich and sustain their communities as well as themselves.

‘At South we believe that education is, quite literally, individually and globally transformative and it is our hope and our expectation that our graduating students will contribute in ways that enrich and sustain their communities as well as themselves.’

Geri Hardy

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are, what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there. Kofi Annan

As Australia’s first Carbon Neutral School, our commitment to the environment and leadership in sustainable education is well recognised. With sustainable education programs embedded across the entire curriculum, the Five Pillars of Learning form the critical components to guide each student’s journey at our school:

  • learning to know
  • learning to do
  • learning to live together
  • learning to be
  • learning to transform oneself and society

We strive to instil in our students a desire to learn about the complex world we inhabit and a capacity to cope with and contribute to society in a meaningful way, whether they wish to access university entrance courses or vocational courses or the three Approved Specialist Programs in Baseball, Music or Marine Studies.

To achieve this vision South Fremantle SHS is committed to three main pathways following the themes of Excellence, Engagement and Environment.


Maintaining quality programs that offer a broad range of academic and vocational opportunities.

South Fremantle SHS is committed to providing breadth and depth; helping students to achieve their potential in academic and vocational programs, specialist courses, sport, the arts, community leadership and service.

Students who strive for university entrance are offered a broad range of academically challenging subjects at the highest level. We have an established track record of supporting these students with effective and purposeful programs and with the relevant ATAR, our students can access any course at any university in the country.

Likewise our VET students have access to a variety of rigorous programs that providing opportunities for students to work in their target industries one day a week and to complete nationally recognised qualification in these industry sectors. South Fremantle SHS has a long history of excellence in this field regularly appearing in the top VET schools lists.

At South Fremantle SHS all our learning programs are designed to foster and reward excellence in achievement and are resourced and delivered to ensure that this achievement is realised.

Community Connectedness

Sustaining relationships within our school community, relevant partnerships with the local Fremantle communities, and collaborations with educational and environmental partners in the wider world.

South Fremantle SHS occupies a privileged position within the port city of Fremantle, a city whose community stands out as culturally rich, artistic, passionate about the environment and with a strong connection to marine endeavours.

Our school’s commitment to sustainable community manifests itself in a number of ways but particularly in developing relationships within this incredible community. Through these strong community links our students are connected to local and broader communities. Through their academic endeavours they connect to teachers and one another as they pursue common goals.

As a local, inclusive high school we view local enrolment as a sustainable decision, where students and families, the school and the local community enjoy the benefits these relationships offer.

Ethical Conduct

Creating a balanced learning environment where positivity, respect and tolerance prevails.

Living ethically means we are concerned for the personal wellbeing of everybody and everything in our community. We aim to cultivate compassionate, respectfuland resilient young adults who have learned to take responsibility for their actions and to integrate this into all our activities.

Students learn by example and at South Fremantle SHS our leaders, teachers, students and families are expected to model behaviours and values that encourage care for others, compassion, respect, personal integrity and tolerance at all times.

In the end we are measured as men and women by our conduct. For many years the following quote has been read at graduation ceremonies and, in a way, has been the school’s unofficial mantra.

Watch your thoughts, for they become your
Watch your words, for they become your
Watch your actions, for they become your
Watch your habits, for they become your
Watch your character, for it becomes your

Lao Tzu